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About Us

Our staff here at C.A., has been helping people get out of debt-with dignity-for more than 40 years. We've helped thousands of people get control of their money problems and go on with their lives-and we can help you too. Here's how.
We are the ultimate
problem solvers:
  Benefits to you:
Credit Cards   Free Confidential Counseling
Finance Companies   Consolidate all bills & payments (Not a loan)
Car Loans   Relief from nagging creditors
Student Loans   Quick, Written Creditor Notification
Medical Bills   Payments reduced up to 50%
Mortgage Payments   Interest rates reduced or dropped
Back Taxes   Fast Application Process - 20 minutes or less
Department Stores   Credit Reports Obtained and explained
Collection Agencies   Improves most Credit Ratings
Se Habla Espanol   Instant Peace of Mind

Credit Advisors'
services include balancing your budget and consolidating your bills into one payment that is affordable for you. These services relieve the stress caused by nagging creditors, while rebuilding your credit. Our Counselors are highly trained professionals, familiar with consumer credit, and dedicated to counseling clients on the fundamentals of sound money management.

Our Mission
Our mission is to eradicate the causes and consequences of poor consumer debt management through education, training and programs delivered with the highest level of customer service and dignity free from all forms of discrimination.

Our Foundation
We advise people about credit matters through our services and Credit Advisors Foundation, our non-profit educational organization. The Foundation sponsors:
  • A newsletter known as Defeat Debt.
  • Speakers who give presentations to high schools and colleges on credit responsibility.
  • Offers advice on consumer topics such as:
    - Bankruptcy dangers
    - Building Credit
    - Dealing with creditors
  • Volunteer mediators for the resolution of consumer disputes.
  • Professional Spanish translators for consumer problems.

All geared toward providing the public with information and services about credit issues.

Action Credit Advisors